Blood of Camelot

When King Arthur drinks the blood of Merlin to become a vampire powerful enough to rule Camelot for all of eternity; exiled Knights of the Round Table, Guinivere and Lancelot, must lead a rebellion to restore Avalon to its former glory.

Farside Features have partnered with Strange Matter Media Ltd to develop and produce a slate of animated series for the adult market. Their first project is BLOOD OF CAMELOT, a dark fantasy that reimagines King Arthur as a vampire despot ruling over a blighted realm. 

Blood of Camelot sees King Arthur making a terrible choice to protect his kingdom, a decision that splits the knights of the roundtable and corrupts the dream of Camelot.

As the realm falls prey to vicious monsters and vampiric knights, only Guinevere and Arthur’s former champion Lancelot can save the king from himself.

With work on the pilot underway, the team is looking to place the series with a network during 2022.

The King is Undead, Long Live the King